Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Lucian Ban

“ You guys are the best jazz promoters Romania has outside of the borders … talking about a Romanian Jazz Fest NOT in Romania ! …well only in Wien with the extraordinary support of the team there – Sorin, Carmen and all involved.
We had a blast presenting “ The Romanian – American Jazz Suite” by Sam Newsome & Lucian Ban sextet …and it was a great joy for me to bring some of the folk songs of Romania to Porgy & Bess and the audience of Wien. The cats in the band keep asking now … when are we doing this again Lush ? I hope soon …
I also look forward to bring the celebrated “ Enesco Re-Imagined to Wien at KonzertHouse …this is something very close to my heart, a unique project and I think extremely important for the music of great George Enesco …too much of his great music is so little known outside Romania … an underrated genius. If by any chance in Belgium this March 28, 2010 come by and check the concert with the full ENESCO Re-Imagined at Gent in the “ Jazz & Sounds Festival”. And I look forward to see you again in Wien and Austria this late fall when I will do a DUET TOUR with the great Abraham Burton on tenor throughout Austria … thank you for all your support for Romanian jazz ! with warm thought from a freezing Brooklyn, Lucian Ban Feb 10, 2010. ..
oh and a photo …relaxing with all musicians after the 3rd night at the Festival. …. from top left .. Catalin Milea, George Dumitriu, Sorin Romanescu, Pedro Negresco, Alex Balanescu, the brilliant soul of jazz Sorin Stanescu, your truly, Emilian Tantana, Eugen Gondi and two unknown – for me - guests “

+ sweating …these cats are keeping me on toes …a joy to play with them

Lucian Ban

Montag, 8. Februar 2010

Uli Soyka

..keep going on with your nice - truism in cultural work!

I`d like to be part of your activities in arts in future - like the past!

thanks for your creativity!

+ looking foreward to be part of your next concerts...

uli soyka
PAN TAU - X - 2010 "musik - hautnah"

uli soyka
pan tau-x-records auf

Freitag, 5. Februar 2010

Catalin Milea

Dear friends,

I appreciate a lot your concern and efforts into keeping the music alive.

Beeing invited to perform along with already established Romanian Jazz pioneers like Marius Popp, Eugen Gondi, at Porgy and Bess, within HotRomania festival, was an opportunity for me to represent the voice of the upcoming Romanian young generation in jazz.

I definitely enjoyed this experience and I'm looking forward to see what future will bring for me and others like me, young Romanian jazz musicians like Alex Simu, George Dumitriu, Sebastian Burneci, and others that are continuously active and diligent. There is a lot more talent out there ready to be discovered. Thank you once again and keep up with the good work!

All the best,

P.S. If you pass by Bucharest don't miss these concerts: 19, 20, 21 February with Parlea Bros: having Catalin Milea, Sebastian Burneci, Mircea Tiberian, Sorin Romanescu, Razvan Cojanu and the Bulgarian drummer Borislav Petrov.

Catalin Milea