Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

hotROMania 3 - 2009

Dear all!

The last edition of the Romanian Jazz Festival in Vienna ended yesterday. Huge public success, such a pitty that the Austrian media didn' care about! For further information on the edition 2009 of hotROMania take a look at

The Romanian Cultural Institute Vienna was the first and only one to promote through monthly jazz concerts, jam sessions and yearly festivals the Romanian jazz musicians from all over the world. We are now doing a step furhter and invite you to join this platform and keep yourself and the public connected to carrers, plans and projects, as well as to current performings.
You are more than welcome to post here informations, music, links and photos. We hope that sometime in the near future this platform will be also used for brainstorming sessions to means and events that can contribute to a higher awareness of the Romanian jazz scene.

Our final goal and (not any longer!) secret hope is to "export" the Vienna jazz festival hotROmania in... Romania!

Let's do it!

Thank you all for having been with us for the past three years.

From RCI Vienna with love,
Carmen Bendovski the team
Foto by Iztok Zupan
Trio Balanescu/Girotto/Kaucic
Marius Popp Quintet
Sam Newsome & Lucian Ban
"The Romanian Cultural Institute has put together an excellent event that promotes not only Romanian jazz but also Romanian culture in general. Romania is a place we don’t usually think of as offering great jazz so I think it is great that you provide this kind of exposure to your jazz artists. The great thing about jazz is that it allows everyone to present a side of their culture and since Romanian culture isnt’t really commonplace yet, it deserves all the exposure it can get." (Sam Newsome)
"My collaboration with Sam Newsome has a rather strong Romanian component because we worked with some Romanian folk songs. The lines can’t be drawn this exact for other collaborations between Romanian and foreign artists. Everybody knows that jazz is an international kind of music." (Lucian Ban)

Sanda Weigl & Quartet

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